About us

Excellence in Offshore Field Development and Offshore Construction

IEL is a global marine service provider and has a twenty plus years successful global track record in FPSO and FSO Field Development Installation Projects completed.

IEL has plus 20years vested in an field development construction and delivery program for covering all discipline areas to achieve turn key EPCIC first oil.

IEL has all required field development engineering disciplines in-house and / or through global leaders in each discipline field who are apart of IOC's Project Team.

IEL's field development program provides reduced CAPEX solutions paired with a consortium of industry leaders and backed by ability to finance the full CAPEX requirement.

Our Vision

To be the Technical Leader and Trusted
Partner in the development of Offshore
Oil and Gas Fields to Create a Valuable
return for All Stakeholders.

Our Culture

At Intrepid Energy, we
believe that a diverse, fun and productive work environment reduces the possibility of Employee Apathy;
as such we have key policies that govern our Hiring process in the various subsidiaries. These are:


Intrepid Energy Limited is passionate about promoting diversity in the work place, as such we believe in hiring people from different races, nationalities and tribes.

The Youth

We also try to promote the celebration of cultures by encouraging our staff to wear their traditional attire on the last Friday of every month, within all our subsidiaries, to promote an appreciation of diversity of cultures within our organisation

Gender Equality

At Intrepid Energy Limited, we believe the youth are the future, and no one is too young to make an impact, as such, most of our employees are young, intelligent individuals with innovative minds within the Energy sector, particularly the Oil and Gas sector.


We also believe in the equality of the sexes as we believe that no gender is more important than the other. This has led us to encourage the positioning of women in key departments and positions within Intrepid Energy Limited as a whole.

Our Team

Field Engineering Development Teams (field by field specific)